20 Best Productivity Applications for Mac

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Mac Regardless of if you received a new Mac for the holidays or beginning to work on your New Years resolution, applications are on your mind for what you want to load your Mac with for 2013. Productivity applications are a great thing to add to your Mac regardless of if your resolutions involve productivity or not – we can all benefit from having a better work flow in our life or with our occupation. However, with the various applications available in the Mac App Store today involving productivity, it can be easier... More »

24 Ways to Upgrade Your iPhone’s Native Apps

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Technology The iPhone is considered one of the most fool proof gadgets out there on the market. While there are always cool, fun, and amazing secrets to unlock as you begin using your iPhone, like zooming in, the multitask tool, and more, there is always a way to increase the quality of your iPhone through the use of applications. Aside from applications that extend the applications that we like, we rarely think about applications that replace those already there. Today, we will take a look at those applications and how you can implement... More »

The Number One Secret to Life Success – Baby Steps

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Work We’re all in a hurry it seems. The pace of life has increased and rushing through our days, through our lives has now become the norm. We want everything now; happiness now, success now, health now, love now. Not surprisingly, this is the way we approach our goals and life changes as well. Patience is hard to come by. We expect results now, and if we haven’t reached our goal yet, it must be because we’re not working hard enough or fast enough or we’re lazy and undisciplined. Hard work and discipline... More »

50 Best Mac Desktop Wallpapers for 2013

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Technology With 2013 introduced in a joyous fashion, we are also enjoying a lot of the tech that we may have gotten from the holidays. After you’ve learned some of the basics, you may be comfortable enough with your Mac computers and laptops to make it more personal and customized. A great way to start is by using a background you personally like. If you are looking to do this, dissatisfied with the wallpaper Apple has provided, but unsure where to start, no problem – we have 50 ways to help you here... More »

7 Best Android Tablets

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Technology The funny thing about tablets is once you have one, you'll use the heck out of it. The problem is, how do you justify the purchase if you haven't owned one?

A Simple Tool to Boost Your Motivation Level

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Motivation If you can remember why you do something, you are in a much better place, psychologically, to be able to keep doing it when it starts to get tough. Simple, yes? Well yes – very simple indeed. For example, if you can remember why you’ve given up alcohol and chocolate (to lose weight), you’ll be better placed to be able to turn them down when they’re offered. If you can remember that you’re not trying to learn 4000+ random facts just for an exam but that you’re trying to learn 4000+ facts... More »

31 Simple Ways to Maximize Efficiency in Your Home Office

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Productivity Your home office can be many things. A place to work without interruption. A way to get a bit of a break on your taxes. Or perhaps your home office is the source of your livelihood.With so many uses and definitions of home offices, it’s impossible to know just how many are out there in the world, but there are some universal truths about working at home. Chief among those problems is the amount of time we tend to waste in a home office. There are many reasons why time seems to... More »

5 Powerful Ways To Relieve Mental Stress

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Health Everyone experiences mental stress at one time or another. Maybe you’re starting a new career, job, or business. Maybe you feel incredibly overwhelmed between work, parenting, and your love life (or a lack of it)… Or maybe you simply feel that you have way too much to do and not enough time to do it… Plus, on top of everything, nothing seems to be going the way it should! Yup, we all experience mental stress from time-to-time. And that’s OK as long as you have the tools, techniques and knowledge that allow... More »

How to Pack Your Luggage

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Uncategorized If you have any plans to travel over the next few months, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’ll be packing a suitcase or other travel case to take with you, unless you’re going to a naturist retreat or somesuch. Should your holiday plans include actually being clothed, then you can follow some of these steps to ensure that you pack everything you need. Before you actually put anything into your suitcase, check what the weather’s going to be like at your destination of choice for the time of year that you’re heading... More »

42 iOS Apps To Help You with New Year Resolutions

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iOS Now that we have ushered in 2013, we are at a point where we should look back on the applications that have been gracing the home-screens of many iOS users over the past year.

Giving Warts the Slip: Removing Warts with a Banana

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Health There are many ways to remove a wart: freezing them off; surgically removing them; or burning them off with salicylic acid, used in wart removal remedies. There are also natural and less costly methods of removing warts from using vinegar to covering them with duct tape.

How to turn your TV into a Wireless Smart TV to Play Your Movies

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Technology Ever wanted to stream all the movies you have on your PC through to your TV wirelessly? or to connect your iPhone to your HDTV?

How to Be Optimistic in a Few Steps

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Lifestyle Are you living a life that is fully optimized? Do you feel that you are getting the most out of your life? “The optimist proclaims that we live in the best of all possible worlds; and the pessimist fears this is true.” ― James Branch Cabell What is Optimism? Loving life with optimism is simply living life seeing the brighter side of life. Optimism is an outlook in life with a view of the world as a positive place. In so doing, a wonderful life makes it worth loving.  So many times... More »

6 Surefire Ways to Manage Stress Now

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Lifestyle We can’t avoid stress. It’s always going to be there, no matter how much we wish otherwise. We can however try to minimize our stress, by using effective stress management strategies. It’s not always easy to change the way we deal with stress, but it is doable. Learning how to manage stress takes time and persistence, but stress so impacts the quality of our life, that it’s well worth the effort. Effective Ways to Manage Stress Eliminate stressors Though you can’t completely get rid of everything in your life that causes stress,... More »

How to Discuss Finances with Your Partner Without Fighting

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Money Money is often cited as the number one topic that couples fight about. This can be incredibly trying, especially when you and your significant other have different views about the ways that your money should be saved and spent. Listed below are a few ways that you can talk openly and honestly about money in your relationship, but of course, no two relationships are the same, so you might have to try several of these tactics in order to find the one that works best for you. Understand Their Background Instead of... More »